As already announced in last week’s newsletter, ETL GLOBAL would like to dedicate this present edition to our long-time ETL GLOBAL member Dezan Shira & Associates (DSA).

The reason behind is that this year, DSA turns 30 years old – a remarkable fact given the vagaries of the China market and business environment during these years, which has led the firm to expand into over ten Asian countries with around 360 staff.

At the occasion of their 30th anniversary, DSA are running a monthly series of interviews throughout 2022, with the firm’s founder, Chris Devonshire-Ellis, as well as with employees, and their stories and anecdotes. Episodes also show the experiences of some of the investors the firm has handled and provide tips for SMEs about surviving – and prospering – when business environments are wide open or when they are challenging. Watch the interview series here!

To learn about doing business in Asia, DSA’s own 1999-founded publishing house Asia Briefing offers endless resources. It has grown into one of Asia’s leading sources for economic and regulatory updates, analysis, and research. Its content platforms include China Briefing, Vietnam Briefing, India Briefing, ASEAN Briefing, Russia Briefing, and Silk Road Briefing, covering 35 Asian countries and followed by 150,000 readers. Subscriptions are free of charge and provide readers with the Asia Briefing Weekly – a roundup of the latest business news and analysis from across the region – as well as access to daily articles or bimonthly reports, and a multimedia library with thousands of magazines, technical guides, webinars, infographics, and interviews.

Because of DSA’s strong European DNA, its publications are also in German, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian, to reflect its large and diverse client base and DSA’s native language capabilities and international staff.

For information on DSA’s services, we warmly invite you to watch their corporate video and to visit their LinkedIn page with up-to-date postings.


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