ETL GLOBAL is delighted to present an exciting new initiative led by our colleague Uwe Hohmann of ETL GLOBAL Member TME Services with his team:

Dubai Experts is a platform that specialises in the relocation of individuals, with a special focus on entrepreneurs and founders, who are interested in living and doing business in the UAE.

Dubai Experts’ team consists of 35 professionals with more than 18 years of experience helping foreign companies to thrive in the region. This new service responds to the need to simplify the otherwise difficult task of moving to a country with a totally different system and to facilitate the entry of all those entrepreneurs to this region full of business opportunities.

Dubai Experts support their clients in more than 10 different languages with everything they need when moving to Dubai: from the paperwork required for government authorities, to residency visa and ID. They also offer compliance and accounting services for their company once established in the country.

Interested in relocating to Dubai? Feel free to contact Dubai Experts here.

Find additional information and news about Dubai Experts on LinkedIn.

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